March 24, 2023

Training for athletes that find it hard to try?

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Sports are attractive to a large number of children, aiming mainly at their taking a pleasant leisure activity which combines exercising and having fun. Children/athletes derive other great benefit at the same time, aiming for personality development to help them adjust to their wider social life. Some of the kids get used to work and keep up with sports for a long period of time, but they give it up for several reasons. One of the most common is that “they find it hard to try”.

The children weakness to meet the requirements of their world is maybe a phenomenos of our age, although the needs are relevant to their age capabilities. In simple words: Kids can but they do not want! Or they have never learned how to desire and request what they want.

They have not learned to ask, to request, to demand, when it is necessary. If they want something, they ask it from their parents. To phone to their coach, teacher, school, friends to invite them home. “My mun would phone to the mum of my friend inn order to invite him home……(!)” Lack of initiative even in basics, in my personal needs! Even in older age…

Children that perhaps have not learned how to try, because it is all easy for them as they take it by their parents, technology makes it easy for them as well, they have everything they need, easily and on time. Then, why do they have to try?

And there comes a moment when they have to try for something but they do not know what it means. And they accuse everybody who do not give it to them. Kids who grow up with “moderate” and pathetic parenting behaviours would probably find it hard. It is functional for children to be given support and interest, not convenience and bounty. They have never learned to try and request beacause there was no need to do it while growing up.

However, the parents are the ones to interfere and ask the coaches why the little athlete is not evolving: “My son does not get better”. What if he himself asks why? And if he asks, the coach will tell him that he does not get improved because he does not try enough, and this is why his level is not still equal to the other athletes. Still…If he tries more, then he might succeed to reach them!

Although there is always the other opinion that “even if you try there is no certainty that you will reach your goals anyway. So, compromise with not succeeding…

Try and keep trying….”