March 24, 2023

Working out in cold weather: What we should keep in mind

1 min read

What can happen to our health when working out in cold weather? Precautions experts suggest.

Is exercising outside during winter good for you? Yes but subject certain conditions that have to do with the temperature outside, the health condition of the person working out as well as the equipment.

Generally speaking, we should not close the door to exercising due to low temperature in winter. Low temperature is different than arctic. This means that opendoor exercise in really low temperature should be avoided because there is always danger of injuries after all.

In every case, whoever decides to work out outside in really low temperature should take specific precautions: to be dreesed up in warm clothes, to use non-slip shoes, to wear anorak when raining or snowing and to use beanies and gloves when too low temperatures occur. 

Studies show that when somebody is working out in really low temperatures and breathes through the mouth, then the too cold air can cause irritation in the mouth, the throat, the trachea, even in the bronchus. And this is why experts suggest to cover your mouth and nose with a scarf during intense exerciseout in the cold.

It is also essential to avoid working out at night or at time or places in general out of sight, e.g. ice at the side of the road can cause injury or even bone break.

Moreover, it is important to avoid working out till exhaustion, to drink enough liquids before, during and after exercise. 

Your health condition is also essential when you decide to work out outside. For example, if you have caught a cold, you had better be careful.

Generally, even though exercising boosts mental and physical energy, there are cases that running may worsen your health condition. Scientists say that anyone who is working out having symptoms more severe than the ones of a simple cold should take special precautions as they may have harsh complications at lower respiratory system and lungs.