April 14, 2024

Success = Ability + Preparation + Attempt + Desire

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Ability. Everyone has the ability but is not distributed equally or predictable. This applies to coaches as well as to athletes. Often skill is a gift from birth, but this does not guarantee success. The challenge is not to have the ability but to develop and use the opportunity that is given.

Preparation. We have gained greater use of our capabilities by investing in preparation. Only through the persistent and steady preparation process can the raw talent be transformed into a greater capacity. In sports, this preparation is called training. Through appropriate training, athletes become faster, stronger, more skilled, knowledgeable, self-confident and mentally resilient. However, although greater capacity development is important, it is not automatically a guarantee of success.

Effort. Developed competence gains value when expressed through the challenge of struggle. This expression is achieved when the physical and spiritual effort “uses” every element of a person s ability. However, athletes are often as close to the end of the race, close to exhaustion, having given what they have but needing to find even more. In sports, this is called … critical time!

Wish. The “crunch” is a reality, both in sports and in life. It is that moment when a person thinks he has given them all. Many races are won or are lost at this time. Some athletes are able to draw from an inner force more effort than they know and they themselves have. This is the use of a person s “will“, the ability to draw data from his personal “tank” whenever required.

When athletes and teams train hard to develop their ability, they give their best and show the desire to push themselves beyond their limits, they are successful. Often, coaches and athletes do not experience the joy and satisfaction of success because they focus only on the outcome.

More often, coaches and athletes fail to win because they fail first to be successful!

Source: Psychology.org.gr