April 14, 2024

International Technical Seminar with Grand Master Prof. Hwang Ho Yong, December 2018

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A.C. Polichnis, with the approval of Athletic Taekwon-do Federation of Hellas organizes a National and International Technical Seminar by Grand Master Prof. Hwang Ho Yong on 7th-9th December 2018 in Thessaloniki – Greece.

Since 2008, Grand Master, Prof. Hwang Ho Yong is the Chairman of Technical and Education Committee I.T.F. In 1987 for the first time he taught in the Czech Republic and today is considered as the “father” of Taekwon-Do in the Czech Republic.

His job is the spread of Taekwon-do around the world and the unification of educational by all instructors, as well as the preservation of genuine art of Taekwon-Do. He teaches and directs systematically Taekwon-Do in Poland, Hungary, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Slovakia.

In Thessaloniki s seminar he is invited by Grand Master Anastasiadis Charalampos 9th Degree who is the president of A.C. Polichnis.

The seminar will take place at Sports Hall of Polichni. Everyone who wants to participate at the seminar should sent the application form until Sunday 2nd of December.