June 9, 2023

Too much training for nothing

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Bill Hartman, professor of physical education, explains why too hard training may not have the desired effects.

High-intensity interval training is another extreme way to improve your physical condition. However, how your body reacts to these demanding challenges might look like – as strange as it might seems- a guy running terrified away from a hungry lion. You would have heard for sure about self-survival, meaning the way human beings react under stressful situations. When something like this happens, you emit stress hormones, which help you burn fat and build muscle, since they get increased during exercise and they get reduced when relaxing. Moreover, inflammations get relieved and you are protected from cardio disorders and diabetes.

There is, however, a trap

Your body can handle stress only once either it comes from this specific way of training or it comes from work, either it comes from poor sleep quality or other kind of training.

Doing high-intensity interval training you burden your body with hormones, which remain in high levels during the day. Combining the above way of training with other kind of exercise together with a stressful daily life can be really harmful. In such an assertive environment cortisol levels are increased, which gradually causes loss of muscle mass, fat maintenance and less resistance towards illnesses and injuries.

The solution

Do one high-intensity interval training a week, one is enough for most of us. Meanwhile, it is important to do whatever you can in order to get rid of stress once and for all.

Source: Men s Health