July 24, 2024

7th Pancretan I.T.F. Taekwon-Do Seminar, Crete 2017

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At the entering of the the new year, Mr Gerontis Ioannis 6 DAN (A.C. Heraklion Pancretan Academy), under the auspices of Athletic Taekwon-Do Federation of Hellas (A.T.F.H.) is organising the 7th Pancretan I.T.F. Taekwon-Do Seminar on Saturday and Sunday, 14th and 15th January 2017.

The Seminar will take place in the Indoor Sports Center of Gournon in Heraklion on Saturday 14/01/2017 and on Sunday 15/01/2017 in the Indoor Sports Center of Chersonisos “Filonideio”, two places Mr Gerontis Ioannis coaches his athletes during the last 10 years and there will be no entrance fee. Keynote speaker of the seminar will be the Chairman of the Technical Committee of the Athletic Taekwon-Do Federation of Hellas (A.T.F.H.) Master Anastasiadis Charalambos 8 DAN. He will be accompanied by I.T.F. champions Vasileia Aggeliki (A.C. Polichnis) and Tsatalmpasidou Eleni (A.C. Asteras Pefkon) for the fighting and the Tul parts.

The seminar intends to spread, advance and develop I.T.F. Taekwon-Do as the level of the athletes is constantly evolving. It will attract athletes and audience from all-over eastern Crete, and more specifically from the clubs: A.C. Minotaurus Taekwon-Do of Agios Nikolaos, A.C. Centaurus of Mallia and A.C. Pancretan Taewkwon-Do Academy of Heraklion, maintaining the constantly successful seminars tradition for better technical qualification of their athletes.

For more information you can communicate with the organiser Mr. Gerontis Ioannis (6949393405 & 6948728749).